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July 28, 2024:

Strand Timmendorf
auf der Insel Poel


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clips of Songband in various formations: piano/guitar, accordion/banjo, instrumental, vocal

Dust In The Wind

song by Kansas

recorded in Berlin, 2020

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Songband's Elisabeth and Ethan are both serious musicians with a playful streak a mile wide. The duo plays delightfully quirky banjo/accordion versions of hits and obscure gems from the 1920s to the 2020s. After playing instrumentally for years, they realized they also love to sing, so now also perform in a version with guitar/piano/vocals in five-star hotels, streaming on the internet, and everywhere else they can.

accordion, piano, voice

Elisabeth King is a classically trained pianist from Tallahassee, Florida, where her passion for music led her along many different musical paths: she has worked as a classical accompanist, church musician, musical theater director, piano and accordion teacher, and ballet pianist. She is at home in many different styles: rock, avant-garde and improvised music, sea shanty, prog-electronica, country, tango, and hit covers. She played solo lounge organ for several years as her tiara-wearing alter ego, "The Organ Lady." She came to Berlin in 2005, and has developed a killer stage presence with various bands including Die Gabys, Casanova Society Orchestra, Orchestre Miniature in the Park, the Benja Men, and Dzaijl. She performs worldwide on cruise ships and has a flourishing solo career as well, both on stage and in the studio.

banjo, guitar, voice


Ethan Schaffner was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, where he began playing guitar at an early age. In addition to guitar, he plays the banjo and lap steel guitar. He moved to Boston, Tallahassee, and Berlin, where he has played lots of different kinds of music - rock, country, tango, classical, free improvisation, speed polka, etc.  He enjoys playing live on stage as well as for theater productions, film scores, and as an instrumentalist for studio recordings. As a teacher, he has given thousands of guitar lessons on an individual and classroom basis. He has also written and recorded his own music for theater, dance, a radio play, and various performing groups.

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